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From Genesis to Revelation there is a beautiful flow of purpose in everything that happens in the Bible. The Truth is found within the way the path is laid out. Let God's word speak as a loud trumpet for truth and righteousness will prevail.

All verses are from the King James Version of the Bible unless otherwise stated.

A Forgiveness, A Chance

I was a publican, an outcast with the sinners, 
but he called my name and sat with me at dinner 
(Matthew 9:9)

I was rich and filled with greed, 
though I wronged many he still called me. 
(Luke 19:2-10)

I polluted my body, defiled my own, 
Though I was guilty he didn’t reach for a stone. 
(John 8:3-11)

A thief I was, I deserved my fate, 
But it took only a moment to see the straight. 
(Matthew 23:39-43)

We did not belong, we had not a chance
Nor reason why we should be able to advance

But still there was mercy still there was grace
Love was not denied to a sinner’s stained face
(Ephesians 2:11-17)

In an act of mercy, forgiveness was brought down
The choice to exchange one's chains for a crown

Though I am a sinner, I have chosen to pursue
A purer, more righteous, way to serve You. 

Poem Written by Elizabeth Cain

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