Sometimes when we are browsing the internet we want to know clearly what a website is about. Below is a brief list of some things concerning the Bible and the Christian Faith that I believe in according to what the Spirit of God has revealed. 

If you have any questions or would like some more information on these matters I would be more than happy to respond to you. 

God- There is only one God and He is above all things. He is our Creator, Judge and Father. He is a spirit and all goodness and righteousness is in Him.

Jesus - He is the last Adam, created by God and called forth in Mary. God blessed Jesus and accepted him as His son because of Jesus' obedience and love. He is a man who offered himself to God for the sins of his brothers and sisters. God accepted his pure offering and anointed him with great power and authority.

Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit is a mystery, it is great power from God that can dwell in each of us. We need the Holy Spirit to dwell with God. 

The Sabbath Day- God's day of rest falls on the seventh day, Saturday, and is from sunset to sunset where there is to be no work or worldly pleasures but most importantly there is to be praise and christian fellowship. 

Baptism- Is the oath to God that through Jesus you will seek His will and obey in all things. It is the beginning of being born again, leaving the old self behind and finding spiritual growth. Baptism is done when a person is of age and has been moved by the Spirit to make the commitment to the faith. The person must be fully submerged under water during the baptism.

The Lord's Supper- A most important event that must be held once a year in remembrance of what Jesus did and gave us as well as what our purpose is. The Lord's Supper includes drinking of the fruit of the vine, eating unleavened bread and washing the feet of baptized members of the church. 

Christmas, Easter and the other holidays- They are pagan holidays that may portray holiness but are against all things pure and true of God and Jesus. They are not to be taken part in, not in the least.

Heaven- Although there is a heaven it is not where man is to dwell. Though it may be a comforting thought, the dead are not in heaven but remain buried in the ground until the return of Jesus and the judgement from God. The righteous will live on this earth as God had planned from creation after judgement and the lake of fire is complete. Those not written in the book of life will not be remembered. 

The Birth of Jesus- Mary was a virgin when she had Jesus. Like Adam called from the dust of the ground, Jesus was called from the womb of a pure woman. 

Clean and Unclean meats- Because clean and unclean meats are mentioned well before Moses and the laws (In the time of Noah), unclean meats (pork, etc) are avoided from our diet to keep our temple clean and holy. 

Marriage- Marriage is a holy commitment, an oath made to God signifying the union of a man and a woman. Only death separates a married couple in the eyes of God. 

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