In the beginning God asked one thing of Adam, obedience. Do no touch the fruit of the tree God had told Adam, or you shall surely die. Through the deceitfulness of Satan, Eve fell, bringing Adam into sin with her because of his love for her. And from that moment, mankind was cursed with the sting of sin, which is death. In bondage, we chained ourselves choosing disobedience rather than trusting God. Because of Satan, the flesh of man left God’s Creation incomplete. All that God created was good, but one element in creation was left up to Adam. The obedience of man. 

       Therefore, sin took hold of man’s conscience, revealing the choice of man to follow God or not. The wickedness of men began to spread as men choose evil instead of good. Soon God had to destroy all the people except for Noah and his family. With water God cleansed the Earth in attempts to save the few that remained faithful. Then as the population increased, God decided it was time to call out a certain people who would keep and protect the commands of God, a people who would be the example, that God could work through them to show His glory. So God called out Abraham and made Abraham a promise. The promise that through Abraham all nations shall know of God. For the promise was made before circumcision, which would separate the chosen people of God from the rest. The faith of Abraham pleased God and God blessed Abraham with two sons, one of a bondwoman, Hagar, (temporary/held the place but not to inherit the promise) and one of Sara, a freewoman (one that would bring forth the promise).

        Isaac, Jacob and Joseph walked according to God’s will. And those that treated His people well, God also treated them well. Through Joseph the Israelites were lead into Egypt to escape the famine. But while in Egypt they were forced into slavery by a new pharaoh who knew not Joseph and how he had saved the people. In Egypt, Israel was exposed to customs and traditions of men that were not of God. And when God, through Moses, lead the people out of Egypt, the will of God was not in their hearts, neither did they know right from wrong. Therefore God gave them the Ten Commandments to teach them His ways so that they are without excuse.

Let it be known that although the laws were written down, the difference between right and wrong always existed and had never changed. (Cain and Abel and the Sabbath Day).  Therefore, for forty years God led them through the wilderness to see if His people would trust and obey Him, if they would listen to their God's voice. When He tried to speak to them they asked to hear Moses for they feared his power and might. 

After the Judges took control to lead the people and still they required a leader and eventually asked for a King.

King Saul lost his crown due to his disobedience, the same reason we are born into sin and therefore face death. David was a man full of love for God and he was made known of the promise to come, a king that would sit upon his throne.

to be continued...

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